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Tips for describing your notes so they sell

The longer and more complete the description of your notes, the more likely you are to make sales. It's worth thinking carefully about what you say. Some ideas:

  1. Benefit to the buyer. Will your notes save them time in revision? Will the buyer get inspiration for essay ideas? Etc.
  2. Note taking style used. Are your notes full of diagrams? Are they concise? Are they in question and answer format? Etc.
  3. Content of your notes. What topics did you emphasise? What areas did you leave out? Keep in mind that there is no need to list the names of the files you upload of the page count because we add this automatically.
  4. You and your credentials. A little bit of background information about you will help the product sell to potential buyers. Tell them about your grades, any prizes you won, your current job and situation. Basically anything that might present you, the writer, in a positive light. This is totally optional of course - if you want to maintain personal privacy we understand.