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Sell Law Notes

This July/August Oxbridge Notes is compiling a comprehensive set of law notes for sale in 2022/2023. Our goal is to take the best material by various different authors and combine it into the most up-to-date and comprehensive legal study package in the British market. With this goal in mind we are looking for student authors who would like to sell us the rights to include their material within our new compilation.

We are also looking for students with notes from the LLB, BPTC, LPC or the GDL.

We resell our compilations of notes to a global market of students, academics, civil servants, cross-disciplinarians and even people with disabilities who use assistive technologies, such as text-to-voice software, to help them learn the law where printed textbooks fail them. By recycling your notes you improve the lives of others and we pay you a financial reward for your trouble, up to £100 per 2.1 class core module and up to £150 for a 1st class core module. Seeing as we may buy all the notes written by a successful applicant, these per module figures can multiply nicely (e.g. if we buy six first class modules from you then that's £900) — and all this for work you've already done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?

We can afford to pay students £120-£150 (upper end for high-demand modules that are comprehensively treated by the author) per 1st class core module or £80-£100 for 2.1 core modules. Optional modules have lower market demand and sell much fewer copies so we pay a significantly lower amount for this material, the specifics agreed on a case by case basis and dictated by the relative popularity of that module. Family law, for example, is about fifty times as popular as History of English Law— a pertinent fact.

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Must my notes be typed?

Yes. Past experience has shown that our customers have no interest in handwritten notes.

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Can I sell my essays?

Generally not. If you've handed an essay in to your university for grading then we aren't able to sell it. However, essays that were never handed into your university or essay plans are totally fine.

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I bought your notes last year and built on them. Can I sell these to you?

Yes: we're fine with recycling. Just describe the changes you made within your application.

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What kind of notes must I have?

Your notes must be updated for exams in 2022 and cover all the major cases in sufficient detail. In non case-based subjects you must instead have summaries and analysis of the major academic papers. A solid 2.1 is required, although we pay more for 1st class notes.

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Will my identify be revealed to future buyers?

No. We never tell our buyers who the original authors of notes were. If privacy is a big concern you should also remove your name the headers of your notes and delete the file information before sending them to us. We also have automated software that scrubs the forensic meta-information from the file. A related point to put some students at ease: our service, serving hundreds of thousands of students since 2010, has never attracted a single negative comment either from professors or from universities. Do not make the mistake of confusing our legitimate service, which is similar to buying 'Law Cards' or other revision guides, with the morally dubious 'custom essay writing' services, such as the unaffiliated, 'Oxbridge Essays'.

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How long is the offer open until?

The offer will remain open until we have found sufficient notes in each module. We estimate that this will be 14th August 2022 for the 2022 law notes.

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How is payment made?

Your will receive a 30% deposit after we have come to an agreement and then we will pay you the remainder on satisfactory delivery of receipt of all modules (we might require you to spell-check the documents and divide them up into their component sub-topics in a standard way).

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Do you accept students from my university?

At LLB level we only accept students who attended Oxford, Cambridge or LSE. At BPTC, GDL or LPC levels we accept exceptional students no matter what institution they attended.

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Apply Before February 2022

    Country: You are applying to our United Kingdom store. If you are based elsewhere, visit our international stores.

  1. Where do you/did you study? Undergraduate and, if applicable, further education (e.g. College of Law).

  2. When did you/ will you sit your final exams?

  3. Degree classification/grade. If you don't have one yet, please enter your expected classification followed by the word 'expected'

  4. Attach one sample of your notes. (If you like you can copy and paste a few docs into one file). You retain all rights and we shall delete it if you are not accepted. Obviously, you must be the author of these notes. You'll need to send us a sample eventually.

    This field is optional only because you might be reading this on your phone and not have documents handy. Apply now but shoot us an email with a sample next time you're on your laptop.

  5. Grades (achieved or expected), modules you have available for selling (e.g. Tort Law, Criminal Law), and anything else you'd like to tell us about you or your notes

  6. Create a password (required). 6 character min. Reasoning: so you can log in to add notes later!

  7. Stop spammers sending us fake Rolex emails by proving you are "a real human being".

  8. Add two and three together. Answer in numerical form, for example: 3