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Arms Race Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 10 page long Arms Race notes, which we sell as part of the A2 History Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 116 pages of notes across 25 different documents.

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Arms Race


 Development: Vulnerability:
 Soviet Secrecy, along with Stalin & Khrushchev's boasting fuelled US fears
 E.g construction of Hydrogen bomb due to actions in China & Berlin Blockade
 USSR believed that the only way to guarantee their defensive needs was matching the USA
 Prospect of nuclear war was horrifying, needed to stop other side using them- 'what do you do with a world after you have won a catastrophic nuclear war?'Eisenhower, 1954
 Insurance against the enemy, used to gain concessions and further political goals Pride & Prestige:
 Show off merits of Capitalism & Communism
 April 1956 visit to London- Khrushchev told Eden's wife missiles could reach GB
 Eisenhower feared 'bomber gap'

 1961- Kennedy increased spending after criticising 'missile gap' Domestic Pressures:
 Groups who benefitted from armaments gained power and influence
 Attempts to cute spending were fiercely resisted
 USA- Military Industrial Complex- highlighted dangers of falling behind
 Public Fears- 'Missile gap' & 'Bomber gap'- Educational programmes- 'Duck and Cover campaign' August 1945- Developed by the USA and dropped on Hiroshima 1946- UN Baruch Plan failed- called on US to share knowledge, USSR saw it as an attempt to extend the nuclear monopoly August 1949- USSR Atomic bomb January 1950- Truman announces plan to build H-bomb

November 1952- H-bomb successfully tested (Mike Tests) August 1953- USSR Lithium bomb- no need for refrigeration March 1954- USA Lithium bomb 1955- USA- First bomber with intercontinental range. B52 Bombers 1956- USSR TU20 Bear- Slow and easily shot down- No Air bases near the USA 1957- USSR Develop ICBM October 1957- Sputnik launched November 1957- Sputnik II- Laika the dog January 1958- Explorer rocket deployed and deployment of ICBM's to the UK July 1960- USA Submarine missile, Polaris August 1960- USA Satellite discoverer show USSR have few missiles

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