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Beginning The Thaw Notes

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Beginning the Thaw The Eastern Bloc After Stalin:
 Unrest in East Germany:
 Ulbricht had increased production quotas by 10%
 There was low living standards and high inflation
 Protests lead to Ulbricht being called to the USSR and asked to modify his policies
 His refusal meant Soviets sent in force to crush demonstrations Foreign Policy under Malenkov:
 1953- helped peace treaty over Korea
 1954- Withdrew from military bases in Finland
 1955- reunited Austria under Austrian peace treaty
 Improved relations with Tito
 Red Army cut by 20%
Eisenhower's 'New Look':
 Needed to balance defence spending an normal spending needs so focussed on nuclear arsenal rather than conventional forces
 Believed massive retaliation would deter Soviets from war
 Increase CIA from 7 stations to 47
 Formed SEATO & CENTO
 Believed allies would develop conventional forces if USA provided nuclear umbrella but this was not the case as they too tried to reduce defence spending
 Confused nationalism for communism and therefore missed opportunities in 3rd world countries
 1957- Sputnik & ICBM- missile gap Soviet Policy under Khrushchev:
 Unpredictable Temperament- Eisenhower said his violent words were a substitute for real action
 Cuts in defensive budgets caused problems with Kremlin Hardliners

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