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Development Of Peaceful Coexistence Notes

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Stalin's death and Khrushchev's road to power
 Was Stalin holding back a thaw?
 Even in his last years he was paranoid 'I trust no one but myself'
 Bad diplomat, came across badly
 Did not make a effort to offer a unified Berlin
 1949 began massive rearmament in Eastern Europe
 1951 suggested an occupation of Western Europe before it was too late
 Expressed readiness to meet Eisenhower in 1953
 1952 offered a reunited but armed Germany
 Malenkov's new course:
 Collective leadership of Malenkov, Molotov, Khrushchev and Bulganin was formed by the Politburo
 Malenkov wanted to direct money away from the arms race in order to improve living standards
 1953- head of party post given to Khrushchev
 1955- His Premiership
 1957- Seat in Politburo
-Doctrine that agreed peaceful relations between socialist and capitalist nations was possible
-Helped by the soviet change in leadership in 1953

   Arms race
-1955 both sides had the hydrogen bomb
-March 1954- USA tested Lithium bomb
-USSR 1/3 of the economy was geared towards the military sector

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