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Exam Skills Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Exam Skills notes, which we sell as part of the A2 History Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 116 pages of notes across 25 different documents.

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The original file is a 'Word (Docx)' whilst this sample is a 'PDF' representation of said file. This means that the formatting here may have errors. The original document you'll receive on purchase should have more polished formatting.

Exam Skills Revision

The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our A2 History Notes. This text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation. The version you download will have its original formatting intact and so will be much prettier to look at.

Exam Skills
 Part A Questions
 Address the focus of the question
 Sustained analysis
 Evaluating different arguments
 Good selection of own knowledge
 Discuss the evidence
 Part B Questions
 Overall argument
 Interpretations offered by the sources into the overall argument
 Asses the selected material according to own knowledge
 Natural flow into a sustained conclusion Introduction:
 Identifies both arguments
 Identifies other factors
 Rounds off with an opening judgment Paragraph 1:
 Sustained focus in presenting an argument
 Reinforces points with quotations
 End sentence links back to the question Paragraph 2:
 Develops the argument further with accurate own knowledge

****************************End Of Sample*****************************

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