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Responsibility For The Cold War Notes

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Responsibility For The Cold War Revision

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Communist ideology is responsible:
- USSR'S loyalty to communism was a key factor in the development of the Cold War, it promoted hostility and a communist revolution
-Ideological stance became aggressive and expansionist leading forcing the USA to adopt the policy of containment View held by orthodox historians- William H. McNeiil, Herbert Feis and Arthur M. Schlesinger Evidence supporting claim:
-'Stalinisation' of Eastern Europe, e.g Poland, Hungary etc
-Coup In Czechoslovakia & Berlin Blockade
-COMINFORM designed to increase their control and COMECON controlled economic development according to communism
-Italian and French Communist parties began strikes
-Communism in China and support for North Korea Capitalism Ideology is responsible:
-Motivated by Capitalist expansion and pursuit of global markets
-Wanted to open up other parts of the world to American trade
-US economic imperialism compelled USSR to consolidate Easter bloc to prevent capitalist infiltration
-USSR had been weakened by WW2 and was in no position to pursue world revolution View held by revisionist historians- William A. Williams, Lloyd C. Gardner and Gabriel Kolko Evidence supporting Claim:
-'Open door' democracy lead to American international domination
-'Military industrial complex' encourage cold war for weapon companies profit
-Industrial production increased by 90% during war
-Lend-Lease ended abruptly
-Marshall plan is 'dollar imperialism' Strengths: Ideological differences were long standing, fundamental difference of World view, national interests were often conceived in ideological term

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