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The Arms Race Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 5 page long The Arms Race notes, which we sell as part of the A2 History Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 116 pages of notes across 25 different documents.

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The Arms Race


 Development of Weapons:
 USSR developed nuclear bomb in 1949, USA had predicted they wouldn't until mid 1950's
 US Hydrogen bomb- November 1952- Prompted by Berlin Blockade and the establishment of Mao's China
 Bombs were delivered by Aircraft- 1953- 40% of US defence funds were allocated to the Air force
 1955- US had B52 Stratofortress
 Strategic Air Command (SAC) became USA's main nuclear strike force
 Space:
 May 1957- USSR tested the first ICBM
 October 1957- Sputnik- November- Sputnik II
 1959- Soviet Strategic Rocket Force- New section of USSR military
 April 1961- Yuri Gagarin- first man in space
 Missile Gap?
 USSR could not mass produce bombs but had powerful one e.g 'Tsar Bomba'
 USA had more weapons- launched own satellite-1958

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