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The End Of The Cold War 1980’s Notes

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The End Of The Cold War 1980’s Revision

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The end of the Cold War 1980's


Reagan foreign policy objectives:
- To weaken the position of the USSR- The Reagan Doctrine Changing diplomacy SDI
-To restrict trade with the USSR- Trade restrictions
-To increase US defence spending-SDI The Reagan Doctrine:
-US support to anti-communist 'freedom fighters' around the world e.g US support for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan Changing Diplomacy:
- Changed the way the US foreign policy was presented to the public
- Need for an on going battle with Communism
-Believed US position in the Cold War had dropped due to the failure of Vietnam
-Cold War was a moral mission and the public should be behind their governments
-Increasingly hard-line rhetoric- 1983- described USSR 'Evil Empire'
-Publically discussed USA's revised policy on nuclear war- Prepared to conduct a 'limited nuclear war in Europe'
-Soviet military leader believed USA were considering a first strike in a nuclear war
-Soviet position was weakened, Reagan's hard-line rhetoric won domestic support for defence spending, ensuring the USA were ahead in the arms race

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