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Wartime Tensions Notes

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Wartime Tensions Revision

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Wartime Tensions- Second Front


Stalin's Perspective
-Russia had been doing 90% of the fighting and dying during the war
-Believed the West was letting both enemies weaken Each other before they intervened West's Perspective
-Wanted to relieve Red Army
-Lessen Stalin's temptation to sign a pact with Hitler
-Reduce Stalin's suspicions GB:
-'Mediterranean Strategy'- wanted to attack through Southern Europe
-Invasions through the Balkans- 'Europe's under belly'
-Wanted to wait until more US manpower could be mobilised USA:
-Promised a second front despite GB reluctance
-Provided Lend-Lease to Russia (10 million Tonnes between 1941-44)
 Promises:
-May 1942- Roosevelt promises a front for that year
-August- Delayed until 1943- Stalin angered
-June 1943- delayed until 1944 due to Italian invasion- More angry
-1944- planning started Impact:
-Soviet suspicion furthered
-Stalin tried to secure peace with Nazi's in 1943

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