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Commentary On Act 3 Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Commentary On Act 3 notes, which we sell as part of the A2 King Lear Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 72 pages of notes across 12 different documents.

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Commentary On Act 3 Revision

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Scene 1- Kent and the Gentleman search for Lear on the Heath Scene 1:
 Occurs in swift short sentences allow us to see Lear's dramatic descent into madness
 Spiralling downwards for both Gloucester and Lear
 The Gentleman's descriptions of Lear on the heath prepare us for the sight of a lunatic King and also establishes the violence of the storm
 Kent provides information for another kind of chaos, the French and English forces clashing
 Character's anxiety should reflect that of the audiences Scene 2:
 Lear's speeches establish and reflect the properties of the storm, anger and distress and chaos as he moves swiftly from one topic to another
 Lear's isolation is shown by his lack of interaction with the other characters, also suggesting he is engaged in an internal struggle
 Storm serves as a metaphor for Lear and England's plight
 Lear's obsession with justice and criminal behaviour is introduced for the first time
 The Fool's prophecy is ambiguous- providing light relief but also either suggesting virtue will triumph in England or that optimism about the future is misplaced Scene 3:
 Evil continues to triumph and good intentions continue to be thwarted, Gloucester's good intentions to help Lear seem as doomed as Kent and the Fool's in the previous scene

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