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Causes Of The Boer War Notes

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Causes of the Boer War Causes
-Discovery of Gold in the Transvaal
-27% of the world's gold- attractive for GB investors
-Powerful independent country in the heart of southern Africa was dangerous for GB, as they may try to take whole region
-First Boer War 1882 meant GB recognised Transvaal and Orange Free state as self-governing nations
-Kruger believed force to be the best way to deal with GB
-Utlianders outnumbered Boer inhabitant by 1890's, denied voting rights and paid higher taxes Paul Kruger- determined to deny Utilanders same rights as Boers
-Gave GB an ultimatum, demanded withdrawal from the border Alfred Milner- GB High Commissioner for South Africa
-Demanded full equality for Utilanders in 1899 Joseph Chamberlain- Colonial Secretary- believed war was necessary to protect GB Empire in South Africa Cecil Rhodes-Businessman in South Africa and Cape colony PM
-Wanted GB to take over the whole of South Africa
-Jameson Raid was his idea
?????? Jameson Raid 1895
??????-Alienated Cape Afrikaners from British
??????-Drew Transvaal and Orange Free State together in opposition (1897 signed military pact)

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