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Fighting The Boer War Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 5 page long Fighting The Boer War notes, which we sell as part of the AS Boer War Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2014 that contains (approximately) 18 page of notes across 4 different document.

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First Phase October-December 1899


?????? Siege of Mafeking Oct 1899-May 1900
??????-Robert Baden-Powell attempted to raise 1,200 locals to attack enemy
??????-7,000 Boers attacked Mafeking before he could
??????-Boers besieged the town hoping to starve is to surrender
?????? Siege of Kimberley Oct 1899-Feb 1900
??????-7,500 Boers besieged
??????-5,000 GB soldiers defended a population of 40,000
??????-Well stocked with provisions so little threat caused
?????? Siege of Ladysmith Nov 1899- Feb 1900
??????-Boers surrounded and bombarded town
??????-GB attack failed 140 killed and 1000 captures
??????-General White remained in his headquarters for majority of siege
??????-Nothing done to harass besiegers
?????? Buller split the Army into 3 to relieve sieged towns
-Methuen- Kimberley and Mafeking- 20,000
-Buller- Mafeking- 21,000
-Gatacre- Secure Northern Cape
?????? Battle of Stormberg
??????-Gatacre changes his plans late in the day and caused him to be lost
??????-Ordered troops to rest for an hour and a small Boer force attacked and a bigger soon joined

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