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Impact Of The Boer War Notes

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Impact of the Boer war


 Support for the War

-Khaki election- conservatives win 1900 election
-Men rushed to volunteer
-1/2 a million waved first army of
-Beatrice Webb 'criticism for the war is hopelessly unpopular
-Commercial world exploited it e.g Bovril
-Lloyd George attacked in Birmingham
 Opposition
-Stop the war Committee- distributed posters and broad sheets
-League against Aggression and Militarism- Lloyd George
& J A Hobson
-Liberals, Socialist and Irish Nationalists
-Manchester Guardian, Morning Star and Daily News
-Morally wrong a capitalist war for the rich
 Religious:
-Anglicans supported
-Quakers denounced war
 Labour/Socialists:
-Trade Union congress remained neutral
-Independent labour party and Social Democratic confederation stood as anti-war
 Irish Nationalists:

-Most outspoken
-Empathised with Boers about imperial aggression
-March 1902 Irish MPs laughed at Methuen's capture Military Reform:
 Elgin commission 1902
 -Royal Commission under Lord Elgin (1902-3)
-Took statements from numerous officers on the conducts of the war and made sweeping changes to the army organisation Committee of Imperial Defence (1902)
-Advise PM on future of the military
-Peacetime defence planning agency brought together government army and intelligence
 Esher Report, March 1904
-Confusion and inefectiveness of GB military:
-recommended an Army council and increase parliamentary control
-General staf required to prepare army for war
-Reorganisation of the war office under a commander in Chief
Haldane Reforms
 BEF
-Ensure GB could raise a force quickly
-Field force would be ready for mobilisation immediately on outbreak of war
-Home force could be mobilised
-Finest fighting force in the world

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