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Reporting The Boer War Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Reporting The Boer War notes, which we sell as part of the AS Boer War Notes collection, a A package written at Heathfield School in 2014 that contains (approximately) 18 page of notes across 4 different document.

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Reporting the War


Communications: Telegraph- 4-7 days Photos Bioscope- moving pictures Heliograph
?????? Role of the Press
??????-More Britons had money for newspapers
??????-Cost of papers was falling
??????-Literacy increasing
??????-150 daily papers
??????Opposition to the war paper- Manchester Guardian, Morning Leader, Daily Star and the Daily Chronicle
??????War correspondents sent out (300)
??????-Boosted patriotism and jingoistic fever
?????? Daily Mail
??????-Cheaper only cost half a penny
??????-Easy reading
??????-imperialistic topics
??????-1900 circulation of 1 million
??????-relied on War Correspondent's (had them in all 3 sieged towns)

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