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Reporting The War Notes

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Reporting the War


-Reports were like novels, people believed them word for word
-No censorship
-Newspapers and the electric telegraph used by reporters

 William Russell
 Spent 22 months reporting for the Times of London from the trenches
 Provided vivid, realistic accounts of the war
 Known at times to uncover truths, but also get soldiers intoxicated for information
 Eventually black listed Poor Organisation, medical deficiencies, military incompetence
 Reliability
-Anti-Turk and French
-some reports were second hand
-absent during the appalling winter
-concentrated attacks on Raglan (a convenient scapegoat) rather than the system
-Didn't hammer hard on officers (he was one)
-Not a pacifist, didn't doubt war
 Attacks on Raglan
-Shocked middle-class Victorian England
-The Times created the Crimea Fund to bring the mismanagement to the attention of the public
-Branded Raglan incompetent and lethargic aristocrat
-Raglan ignored the reports
 Downfall of The Government

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