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The Impact Of The Crimean War Notes

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The Impact of the Crimean War


 The McNeill-Tulloch Report (Feb 1855)
-A report into the mismanagement of supplies
-Military and Civilian negligence was exposed
-Brought Army more under control of parliament, less of monarchy and generals
-Influenced Cardwell reforms
 Short Term Improvements 1855-56
-'War office' created to centralise planning and command
-Took control of Commissariat, supplies and medical department
-Land Transport Corps was established in 1855 giving the army more control over transportation rather than being organised locally- 1856 became military train
-Army clothing department formed
-New educational requirement came in for staff officers
 Further Reform 1856-68
-Sandhurst to raise training standards- many continued to believe good character and breeding were more important
-Victoria Cross- June 1856
1857- awarded to 62 men who fought in the Crimea
 Royal commission on the Health of the Army
1857 and chaired by Sidney Herbert
-Nightingale collected evidence for the commission which showed most soldiers at Scutari died as a result of poor hygiene and sanitation

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