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Alcohols Notes

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Unit 2: 16 Alcohols


General formula - CnH2n+1OH CLASSIFYING ALCOHOLS - the classification of an organic compound depends on the number of alkyl groups that the carbon connected to the functional group is attached to. e.g. propan-2-ol is a secondary alcohol. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ALCOHOLS:
-The OH bond in alcohols means the hydrogen bonding occurs between molecules therefore higher mp/bp than other molecules of similar relative molecular mass.
-Soluble in water due to hydroxy groups forming hydrogen bonds with water molecules.


Ethanol is a carbon-neutral fuel - causes no change in the total amount of carbon dioxide present in the air - (not if fractional distillation is used) METHOD

Rate of reaction

Quality of product

Raw Material




Ethene from cracking crude oil

Continuous process so expensive equipment need but low labour costs




Sugars -

(Exothermic process)

(temp can't be high due to denature of enzyme)

(up to 15%)

a renewable resource

Batch process so cheap equipment needed but intensive labour

HYDRATION OF ETHENE (Catalytic hydration using steam.) CONDITIONS:

>Conc Phosphoric Acid catalyst
>300°C and 60atm

>Catalyst is yeast that produces enzymes
>Optimum temp for enzymes is 37°C

IMPURE (must be distilled)

BIOFUEL: fuel produced from renewable biological resources.



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