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Organic Chemistry Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Organic Chemistry notes, which we sell as part of the Chemistry AS Notes collection, a A package written at Manchester High School For Girls Sixth Form in 2013 that contains (approximately) 54 pages of notes across 17 different documents.

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Organic Chemistry Revision

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Unit 1: 5 Organic Chemistry


-All organic compounds contain CARBON HYDROCARBON - compound that contains carbon and hydrogen only SATURATED HYDROCARBON (alkanes)- a hydrocarbon with single C-C bonds only UNSATURATED HYDROCARBON (alkenes)- a hydrocarbon with multiple C-C bonds The FUNCTIONAL GROUP is the reactive part of the molecule, responsible for the characteristic reactions of a compound;
- For alkenes the functional group is C=C double bond
- For haloalkanes - the functional group is the halogen
- For alkanes - the functional group is the saturated carbon chain. GENERAL FORMULAS The GENERAL FORMULA is the simplest algebraic formula for a number of homologous series.





Characteristics of a Homologous Series; It a series of organic compounds;

• with the same general formula

• with the same functional group

• chemically/physically similar properties

• where each member differs by CH2 from the previous



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