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Materials Notes

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Materials Revision

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Unit 2: 11 Materials

DENSITY Volume of; i). Regular solids - height x volume x depth ii). Irregular solids - submerge it in a known volume of watch

- calculate the volume based on water displacement Materials of uniform density Density (kgm-3) = mass (kg)

volume (m3)

or ρ=m/v

Materials of non-uniform density - alloys mass = ρAVA + ρBVB (where P = density and V = volume)

Density of Alloys (kgm-3);

ρ = ρAVA + ρBVB

(method works for 2 or more materials)



Worked Example; We have a sample of material that is 2.5x10-3m3 in volume. It is made of 2 metals, A and B. A is 80% of the volume, it has a density, (ρA) of 6x103kgm-3 B has a density, (ρB) of 2.5x103kgm-3 Calculate the mass of the sample and its density.


VA = 2.0x10-3m




= m/v

= 5300kgm-3

= V - VA
= (2.5x10-3) - (80% x 2.5x10-3)
= 2.5x10-3 - 2x10-3

VB = 0.5x10-3m

ρAVA + ρBVB (6x103 x 2.0x10-3) + (2.5x103 x 0.5x10-3) 12 + 5/4





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