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Securing The Throne The Main Threats To Henry's Security (Pretenders) Notes

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Securing The Throne The Main Threats To Henry's Security (Pretenders) Revision

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History Revision Notes Unit 1 A7.

SECURING THE THRONE. Seeing off rivals: the main threats to Henry's security. THE KEY PRETENDERS.

1. LAMBERT SIMNEL. Causes of the LS rising.

Traditionally believed that his tutor, Richard Symonds, is behind the plot. John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, also linked. Henry suspected. Yorkists believed that the Earl of Warwick had been killed in the Tower after Bosworth. Margaret of Burgundy supported as she was angry about her brother's usurpation and her loss of lucrative trading rights.

Consequences of the LS rising. (SHORT-TERM)
- Earl of Lincoln killed in battle.
- Viscount Lovell died.
- Lambert Simnel captured, became turnspit and, later, King's falconer.
- 28 men attainted.
- Henry does progress of dodgy areas. (LONG-TERM)
- 1487 Parliament deals with those who believed themselves above the law.
- Kildare retained as Lord Deputy of Ireland, despite having supported Simnel, because no-one else would do it. How dangerous was Simnel?
THREAT Plot at beginning of Henry's reign, still trying to win supporters Warwick's claim stronger than HT's Irish support, inc. Kildare (had to keep) Crowned Edward VI in Ireland Gave message that HT = tenuous

NOT THREAT Simnel acting as someone still alive Rebel force (Jun '87) gained little support Ill-disciplined Irish troops HT had bigger army and several of his opponents died at Stoke Simnel himself only pawn,

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