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Summary Of Historiography A7 Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Summary Of Historiography A7 notes, which we sell as part of the History Notes collection, a A* package written at Newport Girls' High School in 2012 that contains (approximately) 147 pages of notes across 51 different documents.

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Summary Of Historiography A7 Revision

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History Revision Notes Unit 1 A7 - Historiography. Henry's image. QUOTES:
- "Henry's reign was distinguished by sober statesmanship" - John Guy.
- "Distinguished, wise and prudent… more inclined to peace than war…
cherished justice above all things" - Polydore Vergil.
- Known for "sober statesmanship" - Guy. Henry's claim. QUOTES:
- Henry Tudor's claim was "tenuous to say the least" - Pendrill. Should Henry have won at Bosworth?
- The battle of Bosworth began with RIII's army "extended at such a wonderful length" which "struck terror into the hearts of distant onlookers" - Polydore Vergil.
- Vergil then describes how Henry "drew up a simple battle-line" and remarks on the "fewness of his men".
- Richard made a strategic mistake when he charged toward Henry, "inflamed with anger".
- However, this was only one of a few limited actions - J Hunt.
- Henry would have to rule "by the sweat of his brow" - Vergil. Henry's lessons. QUOTES:
- Henry's background was "unusual, even for a nobleman" - CSL Davies.
- In Brittany, Henry was a "little regarded outsider" and "valuable political pawn" - CSL Davies.
- Henry had "the most useful training of any king in English history" - Davies.
- In Brittany, Henry learnt the importance of being able to "keep up a front" - Davies.
- Margaret Beaufort had a "dominating position within the realm" - Davies.
- Jasper Tudor was "something of a father figure" to Henry - Davies.

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