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End Of Terror Part 1 Notes

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End Of Terror Part 1 Revision

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Overthrow of Robespierrerre

Overthrow of Robespierre-sets it of

Loss of Power of the Jacobins

As a result of death of Robespierre/SCs?
Economy-not very important (economy rubbish throughout the Terror) only becomes relevant with other things 28th July 1794 Plain gains power as the spokesperson of the CPS to justify and provide arguments for actions Perceived as being the main guy of the Terror by the SCs-acts Economy bad-Dec 1794-price controls gone=assignat falls=inflation Symbolises end of Terror No leadership-death of Robespierre makes everyone worried about coming forward 1794-poor harvest and harsh winter=famine Plain (more moderate) gains power=convention dismantles machinery of Terror Nov 1794-convention closes Jacobin Club down Hunger results in Prarial=SCs not a thing anymore No-one wants to lead the Jacobins-execution of R shows its dangerous People already tired of the terror-just gives everyone an excuse to back of CGS upset April 1794-CPS set up its own police bureau (Robbie perceived in charge) to prosecute dishonest officials=stepping on their toes

End of the Terror CPS upset Saw 'Cult of the Supreme Being' as a step towards Roman CatholicismWar-important-ish (takes a while) Byproperty Spring 1794-war well-all foreign troops expelled France, among recaptured territory in Belgium and Rhineland Some members disliked Saint-Just's Laws of Ventose (26th Feb 1794)of enemiesgoing of the revolution could be seized andfrom distributed the poor Loss of power of the SCs-v important June 1794-victory at Fleureus Late May 1795-loss of power demonstrated by Prarial-bit of a fail andHarsh everyone arrested policies of the Terror now unnecessary-not so worried about internal enemies sabotaging war Aug 1794-actual loss of power when Convention gets rid of Paris Commune-has SC in it=SC no longer have political able power rabble) Military intervention (20,000 troops) in real Prarial-gov. to (just take a troops from the front as war is going better rather than SCs and NG taking things into their own hands Robespierre's execution contributes but not the only reason Radical things happen as soon as SCs take over Paris Commune -Sept 1792-Sept Massacres Sans-culottes upset 1794 Significance himvalue=SCs power-nowupset lost support March-CPS increases Maximum to appease peasants= inflation=assignat 36% ofSCs its give original 23rd July-commune applies Maximum to wages=fall of wages by half=SCs upset SCs also gave legitimacy

Rubbish speech 18th June-26th July-withdraws 26th July (8 Thermidor)-made a speech denouncing colleagues who were plotting against the government Asked to name these colleagues but declined-mistake as a denunciation by Robbie= arrest and death People very worried!

Arrest and execution Dismantling the Terror 27th July- Robbie attempts to speak at the convention but shouted down Convention voted for his arrest Continues to be popular in the commune-leaders order gaolers in Paris to refuse toSignificance accept the prisoners=released Convention ordered NG of the sections to mobilise NG not loyal to the Commune now Convention 28th July 1794-Robbie and 21 others were executed July 1794-May 1795 Abolished Revolutionary Tribunal Released all suspects from prison In Paris Repealed the law of Prarial Jeunesse dorée-extravagantly dressed middle-class youths In the Vendée Nov 1794-Closed the Jacobin Club Formed gangs to beat up Jacobins and SCs Spring 1794-Chouan (group against conscription) attacked grain convoys andAug local1794-Paris officials Commune abolished Summer 1794-Spring 1796-controlled most of Brittany In the South Gov. sent 140,000 troops to wipe outRepublic=became rebels Murder gangs not considered a serious threat to the White Terrorestablished and spread Prison massacres Religion 1795-gangs of youths killed up to 2000 Feb 1795-freedom of worship for all religions State recognition of the cult of the supreme being ended

CPS and CGS 25% of members of both had to be changed each month August-committees of the Convention took over most of the work of the CPS and CGS

Economy Dec 1794-Price controls abolished= assignt decreased=inflation 1794-Poor harvest= grain shortages Winter 1794-5-v.severe= famine

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