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Directory Notes

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Directory Revision

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Financial Reform Feb 1796-assignats almost worthless March 1796-Directory issued new paper currency (mandats territoriaux) but it quickly de Metal coins became only legal currency-short supply-1bn livres in 1797 vs. 2.5bn livres in

National Debt Sept 1797-2/3 of the national debt renounced by a one-off payment to debt holders-loans conver Value of bonds fallen by 60% within a year=gov. refused to accept them for the purchase of biens Significance Reduced annu

Oct 1797 Reduced military expenditure because of peace with Austria + new taxes = Ramel was able to ba

Increasing revenue 1798-4 forms of direct taxation-trading licences, land tax, mova Central control over tax collection Octrois re-introduced-v. unpopular as it raised price of goods in t Plunder from foreign states esp. occupied Italy and Germany

War 1794-9 June 1794-Battle of Fleurus (Belgium)-French success Summer 1794-Belgium occuptied Winter 1794-Untied Provinces invaded, Rhineland and parts of Spain conquered 6th April 1795-Treaty of Basle-Prussia gives its territories on the left bank of the Rhine t Dutch made peace with France-now have powerful Dutch navy on side July 1795-peace with Spain Now only fighting Britain and Austria

Significance Defeat Directors of Austria and generals furious but had no choice but to 1796-main objective to defeat Austria-pincer Oct French 1797-Peace of Campio Formio confirmedmovemen agreeme March 1796-Napoleon given command of Italian campaign Napoleon won the loyalty of his men-promised them wealth April-Napoleon signed armistice with the Austrians at Leoben-

Britain All major allies out of the war French wanted to invade Britain-needed control of the seas French wanted to support Irish Nationalists attempting to overt French hoped they would be successful with the help of the Du Feb 1797-Spanish fleet defeated by the British off Cape St. Vi Oct 1797-Dutch fleet destroyed at Campertown

Creating states French foreign policy became increasingly aggressive-Directory wanted to keep and extend French Satellite republics-appeared independent but under French control eg. Helvetic Republic in Switze Spring 1798-France dominated most of Europe

Second coalition May 1798-Napolon goes to Egypt to attack British interests Aug 1798-Fleet destroyed by Nelson in the Battle of Abouk Encouraged other armies to take up arms against France=S Dec-Russia declares war on France March 1799-France declares war on Austria French defeats until autumn 1799 when immediate danger

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