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English Foreign Policy 1514 29 Notes

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English Foreign Policy 1514 29 Revision

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English Foreign Policy (1514-­‐29)


! 1512-­‐14 War with France


‣ Was barely even a war
‣ Did not have support -­‐ needs a more realistic approach like Henry VII

! 1515 -­‐ death of Louis XII => accession of Francis I
‣ Ended the Anglo-­‐French truce
‣ Personal rivalry with Francis
1515 -­‐ France won control of Milan
! 1516 -­‐ Ferdinand of Spain died => accession of Charles V


! 1512-­‐18


‣ England failed to achieve any substantial results
‣ Constant diplomacy and plans for war
‣ Campaigns achieved nothing

! 1518 -­‐ Treaty of London
‣ Non-­‐aggression pact
‣ Aimed to guarantee peace in Europe and achieve England's aims
- Most effective English influence on Europe during Henry's reign
- Led to the Field of Cloth of Gold
‣ Yet England did not have the power to restrain Francis or Charles if they
wanted war
‣ This was Wolsey's greatest achievement -­‐ led to him becoming legatus a latere
- Yet did not stop war in 1520


! 1519 -­‐ death of Maximilian
‣ Charles V now had control of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire
1520 -­‐ Field of
Cloth of Gold
‣ Diplomatic meeting between Henry and Francis
‣ Opportunity to try to outdo each other


! 1518-­‐20


‣ France continues to grow powerful
‣ Charles V is now very powerful
‣ Henry can achieve power by being the peacemaker of Europe

! 1522 -­‐ England declare war on France
‣ France was weak compared to the Holy Roman Empire
! 1525 -­‐ Charles V defeats and captures Francis I at Pavia
‣ Henry wanted an alliance with Charles V but was ignored
! 1525 -­‐ Amicable Grant risings in England


! 1521-­‐25
‣ Wolsey still worked for peace
‣ Main achievement was saving money

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