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The Jesuits Notes

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The Jesuits The Foundation of the Jesuit Order in 1540

founded by Ignatius of Layola served the poor lectured in universities guided people through Ignatius spiritual exercises encouraged to find support from aristocratic patrons and churchmen Met with opposition from Cardinals who claimed there were too many orders Strong support of Pope Paul III ensured their success

The Society of Jesus

• founded by Pope Paul III in the bull of 1540

• Aims of the Order were set out in the 1540 Bull
 to advance souls in Christian life and doctrine
 To hear confessions and administer other sacraments
 to pass on and spread the faith
 to carry out spiritual exercises
 to educate Access into the Order

• Only the best of the best would survive

• highly organised

• Vigorous training before being a member:

Less intellectually able. Took purely spiritual tasks such as preaching

Spiritual Co-adjustors 2 Year Novitiate Carried out tasks such as working with poor

Programme of Education


1 Year Novitiate Under close supervision by a superior for any signs of weakness

The Temporal co-adjutors: Was not made Priests, did not do spiritual task. They cooked and cleaned-looking after worldly need of the members. The nature and distinctiveness of the order missionary work education pastoral work confessors to rulers of Europe theologians It rules known as Constitutions Its structure Did not meet daily to say Mass Excessiveness was strongly discouraged To become Jesuit was not to retreat from world They were dedicated to the Papacy: They did not take over the work of parish priests They weren't formed to stop Protestantism Spiritual Exercises

• Period of retreat from the World, begun in 1522

Formal Entry Solemnly professed

Outstanding Recruits took fourth vow - Personal obedience to Pope

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