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Criminal Attempts Notes

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Criminal attempts

Criminal Attempts Act 1981:

S1(1) - definition of MR and AR S1(2) - attempting the impossible S4 - matter for jury to decide

Essay structure:

Background o Introductory facts o Rational o Definition o Common law position o Link to question Element 1 o AR of attempts Element 2 o MR of attempts Attempting the impossible Other matters Evaluation o Reform o Other jurisdictions Conclusion o Link to question


Long existed at common law Judges had developed number of different tests to decide in AR was satisfied e.g. 'crossing the Rubicon' test in DPP v Stonehouse Law was confusing, unclear and inconsistent Law Commission drafted report and bill Attempted crimes put on statutory footing with CAA 1981 New law aimed to improve AR and attempting the impossible Rational o Can't let people off for being a bad person o Still have a criminal mind

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