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Intoxication Notes

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Intoxication Revision

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Intoxication Question 1:

Describe the significance/ importance of the case in relation to the development of the law on intoxication 16 A02 marks What the law was before this case What the case changed/ confirmed/ overruled Is this an improvement Is it still in need of reform What have subsequent cases said At least two other linked cases Judicial precedent and statutory interpretation

Question 2:

Essay Usually based on a quote from the source 34 marks 8 to 10 cases Could be on the whole or section of intoxication Use and quote source

Question 3:

Three ten mark problem questions 30 marks IDEA Need cases


Background History o Not recognised in law until late 19th Century o Used to include only alcohol - now includes alcohol, drugs and solvents Rationale o Driven by public policy - discourage anti-social behaviour Procedural points

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