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Disruption Of Biological Rhythms Of Sleep Notes

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Disruption of biological rhythms of sleep-wake cycle

Consequences of disruption:

Changes in appetite Changes in mood Change in future sleep patterns Prone to infection Less concentration Less motivation Affect perceptions e.g. insomnia and hallucinations Light sensitivity Lifespan Slow reaction time

Types of effects:

Behavioural - decreased productivity at work Psychological - anxiety, stress, irritability Physiological - increased vulnerability to illness

Jet lag:

Occurs when we travel across time zones - desynchronises is caused by the body's internal body clock being out of step with external cues e.g. light, temperature, amount of people, clocks, traffic, shops open Effects of sleep disturbances, headaches and mood changes when several time zones have been passed Doesn't happen if people travel north to south - same longitude - no change in time, so no inner time conflict Mismatch between inner psychological rhythms and outer zeitgebers o New York is 5 hours behind UK, so it would be 3pm in New York but internal clock would be at 8pm - inner conflict - jet lag More severe when flying from west to east - phase advance - internal clock skips ahead e.g. going to bed earlier than internal clock wants o Less severe when flying from east to west - phase delay - delaying internal clock e.g. staying up later

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