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Evolutionary Group Display Of Aggression Notes

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Evolutionary group display of aggression An adaptive response:

Gain resources Defend resources Status and power could come from group membership Group display impacts us as individuals


Evolutionary responses are based on the adaptive value of group display - what advantage does it give to us as a species o Likely to come down to territoriality e.g. Palestine, genocide e.g. Holocaust, kin selection (who you're associated with) and mating success Chagnon o Naturalistic observations of an Amazonian tribe o Frequent fighting between villages over abduction of women o Successful in battle - high status - successful warriors had more wives and children o Successful warriors pass on genes o Mating access and removal of competition o Young men who had not killed were rarely married - lack high status

Is warfare evolutionarily adaptive?

Evolutionary theory can explain tribal warfare where casualties are few and rewards great However, recent prolonged warfare has resulted in significant losses e.g. WW2 - don't want to wipe people out because then your group loses status Suggests that warfare is maladaptive AO2 o Oversimplifying - reductionist - warfare is more complex o Behaviour is determined by evolution in warfare, but we do have free will as sometimes groups are diplomatic - evolutionary determinism - not every country goes to war when they disagree

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