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Genetic Explanations For Aggression Notes

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Genetic explanations for aggression XYY:

Sandberg 1971 identified the XYY Karyotype Most individuals have 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent Possible for a male to have an extra Y chromosome making them XYY XYY might lead to more aggression

Research for XYY:

Court-Brown 1965 9 out of 300 patients in a secure hospital had an extra Y chromosome Incidence of XYY is 1 in 1000 of the general population Suggests having an extra Y chromosome may have predisposed these men to increased aggression Those with XYY would be best kept hospitalised due to an increased likelihood of aggression AO2 o Population bias o Sample bias if they were looking for something o Not objective o Could be other reasons for aggression o Incorrect assumption leads to incorrect understanding

Adoption studies:

Mednick 1987 o Studied criminal records of children outside their biological family o Results showed that having a criminal biological father increased the risk of criminality, but the highest risk was for those with a criminal biological father and a criminal adoptive father o There was a genetic influence o People should be more aggressive if their biological father was criminal o Those who were more likely to be aggressive had a biological and adoptive father who were criminal AO2

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