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Issues Of Classification And Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia Notes

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Issues Of Classification And Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia Revision

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Issues of classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia


In the undifferentiated category, it is just a dumping ground for those who are hard to diagnose Overlap of symptoms with different disorders make it hard to diagnose o Influences treatment o Labelling, discrimination - prevents self-report, but sense of relief o Misinterpret a disorder o E.g. flat affect Could be other reasons for demonstrating characteristics o Particularly in ICD People may not report certain characteristics o May not realise they are experiencing something o Reliant on self-report o May not be willing to share experiences if they are paranoid With two manuals on classification, people end up with different diagnoses o Problems with treatment o Cultural o May not be comparing studies directly with the same system DSM is always changing Concept of normality o What is being added or taken away?
Comorbidity o When a person has more than one disorder at the same time o Could interfere with type of schizophrenia a person is diagnosed with o Problems with medication
 Self-medicate through drug abuse
 Stopping symptoms themselves
 Addiction Subjectivity o Creates cultural/ social/ gender bias Schizotypal personality disorder o Personality disorder and schizophrenia has massive overlap o Emphasis on personality

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