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Reliability And Validity Notes

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Reliability And Validity Revision

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Reliability and validity Reliability: repetition and consistency Validity: are you measuring what you claim to?

Correlational study looks for a relationship between two variables

Positive correlation is both scores increase together Negative/ low correlation means there is poor reliability

Types of reliability:

Internal o Is the consistency within the measurement you are using?
 E.g. everyone has the same questionnaire, so more consistent than an interview
 E.g. Loftus has poor internal reliability External o Refers to consistency over time when repeating the experiment
 E.g. giving out the same questionnaire on different days
 Poor external reliability if the questionnaire has to be changed in a longitudinal study Observer o For an observer to be consistent in their observation
 Are they recording and interpreting information consistently
 However, there are individual opinions and subjectivity
 Want good objectivity but achieving this is difficult due to subjectivity o Intra observer reliability
 To what extent is an individual consistent in their observation
 Tiredness and boredom can effect this o Inter observer reliability
 To what extent is there consistency between the observers

Testing reliability:


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