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Risk Factors Notes

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Risk factors

Identifies high risk individuals who are vulnerable


Addiction is generally seen as relieving anxiety in many forms o Smoking could calm you down as nicotine makes you relaxed o Gambling takes your mind off addiction/ stress o Gambling excites and distracts you o Alcohol makes you forget your problems Every day stress o Addiction is simply a method to deal with a build-up of daily hassles o NIDA 1999 suggested that these stressors could be partially responsible for the initiation, maintenance and relapse of many addictive habits Traumatic stress o People, especially children, are particularly vulnerable to forming addictions as a coping mechanism for dealing with severe stress o Driessen et al 2008 found 30% of drug addicts and 15% of alcoholics also suffer from PTSD - mild trauma was not enough to increase chance of addiction formation Evaluate o Hajek 2010 - do addictions actually reduce stress o Smoking to reduce stress is common, although many studies have found it actually increases stress - finance, health o Gambling could increase stress because you are always thinking about when you can next gamble o Stress reduction for a smoker could simply be the response to the cigarette reducing their cravings, making smoking the cause and solution to their stress


SLT - Bandura 1977 o Imitation - peers, celebrities, parents, role models

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