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Amendment Procedure For Us Constitution Notes

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Amendment Procedure For Us Constitution Revision

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Amendment procedure for US constitution Procedure:

Two methods but only one has been used Laid out in Article 5 Proposed by o 2/3 of both Houses o National Constitution Convention (never) Ratified by o 3/4 of state legislators o 3/4 state constitutional conventions (once) 27 amendments o But first 10 were signed in the original constitution o 18th Amendment was prohibition (moral amendment)
 Banned sale, consumption, manufacturing of alcohol
 Overturned it with 21st Amendment So there's only been 15 real amendments to the constitution o Showed America it was a bad idea to pass moral amendments, as prohibition was an embarrassing error No time limit from proposition to ratification in the constitution, although Congress may stipulate one o E.g. 27th Amendment took almost 200 years - approved by Congress in 1789 and ratified in 1992


Over 5000 put in front of Congress o 33 proposed o 27 ratified o First 10 ratified in 1791 o Only 17 in last 220 years All to do with advancing rights or reforming government structures or practices o Except prohibition amendments

Proposed since 1992:

Balanced Budget Amendment in 1995 was one short in Senate o Limiting government spending o Proposed by Republicans o Clinton implemented a balanced budget anyway
 For Democrats, this was Clinton accepting austerity

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