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Black American History Notes

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Black American History Revision

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Black American history Tyranny and terror:

Founding fathers aimed to construct a constitution to stop these threats o Against tyranny of the majority and the individual At the same time, slaves were facing both problems 1787 o Physical limitations
 Chained to each other and a post
 States had to return an escaped slave
 Wore a mask to stop them consuming food
 Could not leave property o Physical intimidation
 Removal of foot if a slave tried to escape
 Removal of hand if they tried to steal food
 Huge levels of whipping o Psychological intimidation
 Kept families apart
 Men and women kept apart
 Children were brought up away from their parents
 Couldn't practice religion
 Weren't allowed to speak their own language
 Removed their names - sense of identity, history, personality, culture o Sexual intimidation
 Problems with mixed race offspring - often killed at birth

American civil war:

1861-1865 Southern states left US after refusal to accept rulings from Washington and the North Led to war Lincoln emancipated the slaves o He was Republican, so the South were Democrats North won and slavery was abolished 600,000 Americans killed o Reflects problem with constitution
 Should have abolished slavery to avoid civil war o Fighting to extend the "blessings of liberty" to all

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