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Race Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Race notes, which we sell as part of the U.S. Politics Notes collection, a A package written at York College in 2015 that contains (approximately) 73 pages of notes across 33 different documents.

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Race Revision

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Race Overview:

Constitution - "all men are created equal" - but slavery o Basis of the political system - built in constitutional racism But history of political discrimination o Look for opportunities for significant racial and ethnic minorities o Does it mean that "equality for all remains a distant dream for African Americans and Latinos"?

Is the US a genuinely meritocratic society?

Liberals o History of racial discrimination o Existence of institutional racism o Lack of opportunities for minorities o Particularly in economic and educational terms Conservatives o Declining problem o Post racial society o Increasing economic opportunity o Affluence and political success

Remedies for past injustice:

Conservatives o No justification for and fundamentally disagree with any attempt by government to introduce measures to rectify these historical issues o Move on Liberals o Ignores the responsibility of US government to remedy the problems o Political and moral responsibility to redress the economic and educational barriers o Affirmative action o Some want reparations to be paid e.g. John Lewis


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