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Race And The Constitution Notes

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Race And The Constitution Revision

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Race and the constitution The constitution:

Express the blessings of liberty for all Provides foundations in which it is considered "normal" for: o Hard working, resourceful people to improve their circumstances
 American dream
 Due to:
 Freedoms
 Limited government intervention
 Lower rates of tax o Is that normal for everyone?
o How should people be represented in Congress?
 99 out of 100 Senators were millionaires in 2012
 In 240 years, only 9 black Senators out of 1950 Excluded natives o Only recognised in 1920s Argued African-Americans were 3/5ths of a person o Slave trade protected until 1808 o Any state required to return an escaped slave

Modern reality:

Two normalities in USA o One for White-Americans and one for ethnic minorities For those who see original constitution as fundamentally flawed Constitution doesn't translate universal values into realities for all US society blighted by racial division until this is recognised and addressed


1.5% of population Many live on reservations which can form their own government with associated powers The rest can be found in Alaska, New York, LA and San Diego Not perceived as a widespread issue as many citizens do not encounter Indians More impoverished, especially on reservations o Excluded from society

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