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The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation (AC330) Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:


1) Comprehensive Income Statement & Balance Sheet Income Statement
PS000 Sales Revenue Cost of Goods Sold: Opening Inventory
+ Purchases
- Closing Inventory

Revenues/Turnover as in TB TB TB Additional Information: Listed Closing Inventory - Damaged Goods +
Recoverable Amount on Damaged Goods

Gross Profit

Sales Revenue - COGS

Profit/Loss on Contracts

Contract Price - Total Costs (Cost of Work Done + Cost Paid for Future Work) + Estimated Cost to Completion

Expenses: Depreciation
- L&B (Only Leasehold Land!)
- Lease

Depends on method stated - use standard straight line or reducing balance Fair Value/UEL; if FV not given calculate (rental payment x annuity)

Selling & Administration Costs

TB - bad debt +- change in provision for doubtful debt +
audit fees; if additional indicates charged to S&A remove development costs, cost of share issues, interest, lease rentals

Operating Profit

Gross Profit - Expenses

Finance Charges:
- Interest on Debenture
- Lease
*Note when payment made!!
- Exchange Loss (usually on loans)

Fair Value x Effective Interest Rare (IRR not coupon rate!); Fair Value = Net Proceeds = (Coupon Payment x Annuity Factor) + (Nominal Value x PV Interest Rate) Rental Payment x Annuity Factor (Number of Payments, Interest Rate) x Interest Rate (Loan Amount x Exchange Rate at Current Date) (Loan Amount x Exchange Rate at Date of Loan)

Net Profit Before Tax

Operating Profit - Finance Charges


Estimated Corporation Tax +- Over/Under Provision

Net Profit After Tax

Net Profit Before Tax - Tax

Revaluation Gain Remember to consider past +
current depreciation expense!!
Can't just use value at cost

Analysis of Valuation: Land = Revalued Amount - Book Value Buildings= Revalued Amount - (Book Value (Depreciation Provision + Depreciation Expense)

Total Comprehensive Income

Net Profit After Tax + Revaluation Gain


Statement of Financial Position Cost

Acc. Depr


NCA Land & Buildings TB

(Provision +


(Provision +
Cost - Accumulated Ex) Depreciation Depreciation of lease on IS

- Lease



FV Lease (Rental Payment x Annuity) TB/Additional Comments

Cost - Accumulated Depreciation (unless revalued!)

Sum for Total NCA

CA Inventory

Closing Stock


BS - Debt Written Off + Provision for Doubtful Debt


TB (adjustments from extra info)


Check Adjustments (interest/
electricity etc.)

Gross Amount Due from Customers for Contract Work

Contract Costs Incurred +- P/L Progress Billings (In CA if +ve; if -ve in CL)

Sum for Total CA


TB +- Adjustments

Current Lease

Arrear: Rental Payment/(1+r) Advanced: Rental Payment


Adjustments (interest, audit fees etc.)


Listed in adjustments

Net CA TA - CL

Sum for Total CL Total CA - Total CL (NCA + CA) - CL

NCL Debentures

Nominal Value


(Rent x Annuity Factor)/(1+r)

Foreign Loans

(Loan Amount x Exchange Rate at Current Date)

Net Assets

Sum for Total NCL TA - TL


Equity Share Capital


Share Premium

TB - Cost of Issuing New Shares

Revaluation Reserve

TB + Revaluation Gain

Retained Earnings

TB + NBAT - Dividends

Sum for Total Equity = NA

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