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Human Physiology The Transport System Notes

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HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY The Transport System Transported by blood around the body





Waste products(Carbon Dioxide , Heat and Urea)

Blood composed of : Plasma (55%) and Cells (45% : Erythrocytes, Leucocytes and Platelets)

6.2.1 Draw and label a diagram of the heart showing the four chambers, associated blood vessels, valves and the route of blood through the heart

Heart Valves

Vales maintain a one way flow of blood.

Atrio-ventricular vales open to let blood flow from atria to the ventricles.

The atrio-ventricular valves close to prevent a back flow of blood into the atria.

Semi-lunar valves open to allow high pressure blood to pulse into the arteries.

Semi-lunar valves close to prevent black flow of blood into the ventricles form arteries.

Left atrio-ventricular valve = Bicuspid valve

Right atrio-ventricular valve = Tricuspid valve

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