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The Commercial Court Notes

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The Commercial Court Procedure?

CPR 58, PD 58 - Vol 2 of WB Admiralty and Commercial Courts Guide o Guidance to procedure and PDs o Doesn't give rules to judges o Purpose to ensure effective management of cases

Types of casesComplex domestic and international business disputes - CPR 58.1(2) o Business documents/contracts o Export/import of goods o Carriage by land/sea/air/pipeline o Exploitation of oil/gas/natural reserves o Insurance o Banking o Operation of markets o Purchase/sale of commodities o Construction of ships o Business agency o Arbitration

Pre-action Conduct and commencing?No specific protocol PD PAC usually used Commencement: o Part 7 or Part 8 o Court forms
? Pt 7 proceedings use form N1(CC)
? Pt 8 proceedings use form N208(CC)
? Served by parties NOT court
? Claimants must file a Claim Information Form

Responding to a claim??Acknowledgment: o D must file an acknowledgment in every case o Domestic disputes - 14 days after service of CF (whether with PoC or not) o Ds must use form N9(CC) to acknowledge service for Pt 7 Challenging jurisdiction o Within 28 days after acknowledging Defence o D must file a defence Reply

o Only when necessary o Only state what is necessary and not repeating PoC o 21 days after receipt of defence Statements of case o Should not exceed 25 pages

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