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Cicero Pro Archia – Select Vocab Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 7 page long Cicero Pro Archia – Select Vocab notes, which we sell as part of the Vocabulary for Latin Core texts Notes collection, a 1st class package written at University Of Oxford in 2015 that contains (approximately) 95 pages of notes across 5 different documents.

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Cicero Pro Archia – Select Vocab Revision

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Cicero Pro Archia - select vocab 1-3 sentio quid ingeni exercitatio iudices infitior mediocriter versor proficiscor ratio huius rei confiteor abhorreo (+ abl) fructus prope suo iure disciplina repeto quoad respiceo prateritus spatium recordor inde usque longissime studium quod si non nullis aliquando salus conformo opitulor servo profecto situs facultas ne...quidem etenim humanitas pertineo quasi cognatio

realise, perceive any talent practice, experience gentlemen of the jury deny somewhat be engaged in set forth, derive methology, course of this case confess, admit be adverse to profit, benefit, reward nearly by his own right training see in return as far as look back on past, former period, interval recall from that point on into the pase intellectual pursuit but if not for none from time to time security train, shape give help to defend in court surely, certainly lying in one's control ability, skill not even and indeed civilisation, culture pertain, relate to as it were blood relationship, kinship


contineo legitimus quaestio iudicium rem agere conventus severus genus consuetudo


hold together of the law court trial to conduct a case assembly, court of law strict, old-fashioned type, style practice, one's customary manner of the law-courts ask indugence, favour be appropriate defendant as preside by a little culture, literature be introduced infrequently into the legal hazards of the courts unusual, unfamiliar

4-6 sentiam segrego ascisco ut primum aetas puerilis artes se contulit copiosus adfluo antecello vehementius cognitio celebritas iam absentibus nanciscor res gestae ad scribendum faveo (+ dat) lumen familiaris iucundus devincio

I shall perceive separate, exclude enroll as soon as period of boyhood studies, pursuits he applied himself rich, well-supplied abound, be rich excel, surpass more enthusiastically recognition, acquaintance renown, notoriety even to men he had never met get attached to a person deeds, achievements for literary composition show favour, give support brilliance, excellence welcome, intimate on friendly terms with hold, bound

forensis quaeso venia accommodor reus quemadmodum exerceo paulo littera tractor minime in iudiciis periculisque


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