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This is an extract of our Horace Running Vocab document, which we sell as part of our Vocabulary for Latin Core texts Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Oxford students.

The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Vocabulary for Latin Core texts Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Horace Running Vocab Horace 3.1 profanus volgus arceo faveo
a + linguis Musarum sacerdos

Not sacred, common, unholy mass, crowd, multitude keep off, hold at a distance be favourable, be well disposed to speak good words, make favourable utterance, stay silent (religious formula) 'as a priest of the Muses'

regum grex, gregis 'imperium est' Iovis triumphus supercilium

gen. pl. of rex, regis flock, herd take with both sentences genitive triumph (abl. with clari) eyebrow

ordino arbustum sulcus est ut
[unus] vir ordinet arbusta sulcis latius viro petitor generosus

order, arrange, regulate, adjust plantation, orchard (for growing vines on) furrow it is true that viro = abl. of comparison latius = comparative 'over a wider area' (not further apart) candidate, applicant well-born, of noble birth

sortior insignis capax moveo

cast lots, draw lots, appoint, allot, pick out distinguished, prominent spacious, wide, large, roomy
-> shake

destringo cui elaboro sapor

unsheathe, draw the man over whose...
labour, endeavour, take pains with, contrive, acquire for him taste, flavour, savour

lenis somnus fastidio Tempe

subj - 'gentle sleep' shrink, feel disgust, loathe generalised for any beautiful valley

a desidentem

want, desire a man who desires (acc. with sollicitat), him who desires

cadens orior haedus

setting rise, lift young goat, kid

grando fundus culpo torreo

hail, hailstorm farm blame, disapprove, condemn, find fault with dry up, parch, roast

contracta: contraho moles caementum frequens redemptor famulus fastidiosus

draw together, collect, assemble pier, mole unhewn stone, quarry-stone crowded, busy, frequently contractor, undertaker slave disdainful, scornful + gen. terrae

scando aerates eques atra Cura decedo

rise, climb, mount, clamber bronzen horseman subj = 'black Care' depart, withdraw, leave

quodsi dolentem Phrygius lapis usus usus purpurarum clarior sidere

so if him who grieves (accusative participle) Phrygian ston wearing, using clarior agrees with usus - transferred epithet

vitis costus

vine, grape-vine Oriental aromatic plant, balsam, perfume

invidendus molior ritus postes sublimis permute operosus

enviable struggle, toil style, manner door-posts lofty, high (with atrium) change completely laborious, which bring labour

Horace 3.2 angustus amice militia

restrictrive, narrow adv: with good cheer abl. with robustus

robustus condisco vexo

tough, sturdy, toughened learn harry

sub divo matron adultus

in the open air wife grown-up, mature

suspiro sponsus rudis agmen
a'rudis agminum' lacesso cruentus

sigh fiance
rough, untrained army, warfare new to the ranks provoke, challenge bloody

decorus mors fugax iuventa imbellus poplitibus

glorious death fleeing, fugitive (take with et) the youth unwarlike (imbellis - gen) hamstrings at back of knees (exposed in a fleeing man)

nescius repulsa sordidus fulgeo intaminatus arbitrium securis popularis aura

unknowing, ignorant, unaware rejection, refusal disgraceful, despicable, low, base, vile gleam, shine, be illustrious unsullied, undefiled judgement, opinion, authority, power axe (acc. pl) of the people, popular breeze, favour "the popular breeze"

+ dative 'immeritis' + mori immeritus mori nego via tempto coetus (4th declension: acc. pl) vulgaris udus

unclose, open, disclose, reveal
+ for those who are X to Y undeserved, guiltless, innocent to die refuse 'denied to others' on a road - abl. venture, try coming, uniting, crowd common, vulgar, general wet, damp, moist

tuta merces - est - fideli silentio merces tutus fidelis

price, reward, wages safe, secure faithful

silentium veto + subj. vulgo vulgarit arcanus veto phaselus solvo Diespiter incestus antecedo claudus desero raro

silence make common, publish, let all share in, divulge future perfect subjunctive secret, trusty, hidden not allow, forbid, prohibit bean, light vessel, boat free a ship from land i.e. set sail, leave land Jupiter polluted by sacrilege go before, take the lead, precede limping, lame let go of, caanot keep up with, abandon rarely

Horace 3.3 propositum 'tenax propositi'

plan, intention, resolution 'who holds to what he has decided' firm of purpose ardor (m) burning, flame, passion pravus crooked, distorted, misshapen, deformed ( ardor - civium iubentium prava - non quatit - iustum virum vultus expression, face, frown Auster (m) South Wind instans looming mens solida goes with quatit 'from his firm mind' turbidus Hadria fulmino illabor impavidum [eum]

wild, confused, disordered, rebellious the Adriatic Sea to hurl lightening fall, slide, sink down, tumble



not art but whole character/quality/virtue fiery, burning, of fire struggle upwards, mount, climb, ascend "striving upwards" present or perfect

mereo vexere hac

deserve, merit, be worthy perfect for this (?), by such arts [arte]

igneus enitor

consilior consult, take counsel elocuta...Iunone 'after Juno had spoken' gratum something pleasant Iunone elocuta - gratum - consiliantibus divis peregrinus foreign, alien Ilion accusative of 'Troy' [te]
fatalis ordained by destiny, decreed, destined, bringing doom incestus polluted, sinful pulvis pactum destituo

dust agreement, contract forsake, abandon, take away, defraud (+acc+abl) 'leave in the lurch' Laomedon - destituit - deos - pacta mercede abl abs? 'when a reward had been agreed' (concessive) ex quo from the time when
[Ilion] damnatum [est] - mihi & castae Minerva (dative agents) damno condemn, doom, sentence fraudulentus cheating, deceitful, lying famosus Lacaenus hospes periurus pugnax refringo

celebrated, renowned, notorious Spartan guest, visitor oath-breaking combative, warlike, martial break up, break open, check, weaken, destroy, break back, hold back periura domus Priami - non refringit - pugnacis Achivos - Hectoreis opibus ops aid, help, support redono

take with two objects slightly differently seditio civil discord, insurrection, quarrel, strife bellum - ductum nostris seditionibus - resedit resedo settle down, subside (perfect) protinus straightaway, right now nepos grandson invisus hated, hateful peperi pario - bore patior lucidus sucus adscribo

suffer, permit clear, bright, shining juice enroll


provided that, as long as

qualibet exsul regananto bustum

where it pleases, as you please exile, wanderer 3 pl future imperative active funeral pyre


leap, bound, spring, behave insolently towards, revile, abuse, insult, trample on cattle young animal, puppy, cub unpunished, safe hide wild beast triumphed over

armentum catulus inultus celo fera triumphatus ius, iuris horrenda secerno rigo irrepertus
[Rome is] fortior spernere aurum irrepertum sic melius situm terminus mundo obsto

agrees with Roma (nominative) 'may she be feared'; nomen is object of verb extendat divide, separate, part, sever wet, water, irrigate not found, undiscovered may she be stronger...
fortior agrees with Roma way back 'being stronger' (it is) better placed that way

tanget gestio pluvius

boundary (with quicumque) 'to the earth' stand before, hinder, stand in way, be set subject is still Roma be delighted, desire, long for (+inf) rainy

bellicosus hac lege avitus (fem. gen. sing.) rebus nimium

warlike, martial on these terms, on this condition of a grandfather, ancestral
-> circumstances, good fortune qualifies both pii and fidentes

lugubrius fortuna Troiae - renascens alis, alitis clades caterva itero

of mourning, sorrowing, doleful the fortune of Troy bird, omen destruction crowd, troop, band do a second time, repeat



iocosus convenio pervicax tenuo

merry accord, agree with, fit suit determined, stubborn, obstinate make thin, dilute, demean

Horace 3.4 tibia regina...Calliope fides

pipe, flute (abl) vocative lyre

an amoenus subeo

or pleasant, delightful, charming come up to, approach

fabulosus palumbes (=subj) fatigumque

full of fables, fabled, told about in legend doves the -que doesn't really go directly with fatigum - it's ludo + somno texere: tego

palumbes - texere - me - fronde nova tego nidum quicumque humilis

cover nest masc pl nominative (antecedent is omnibus) low-lying



non sine dis

"not without divine protection"

arduus tollo vester Sabinos supinus Praeneste, Tibur, Baiae liquidus

steep lift, raise 'as your devotee' 'under your protection'
reclining, sloping all nominative cloudless

acies acies versa retro - non - [exstinxit] - me amicum - vestris fontibus et choris Philippis amicus devotus arbos

battle-line 'battleline beaten back'



at Phillipi welcome at accursed old form of arbor

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