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Propertius 4 Vocab Notes

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This is an extract of our Propertius 4 Vocab document, which we sell as part of our Vocabulary for Latin Core texts Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Oxford students.

The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Vocabulary for Latin Core texts Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Propertius 4.1 hoc here qua where collis hill Palatia the Palatine hill (poetic plural) profugus fugitive, exile crevere: cresco 3pl perfect fictilis made of clay opprobium disgrace, dishonour Tiberis river Tiber advena stranger, foreigner nostris bubus gradus step unus focus - erat - maxima regna fratrum praetexto: wearing the toga praetexta praetextato niteo shine, be bright pellitus clad in skins cor, cordis heart bucina trumpet, horn saepe - centum illi - erat senatus - in prato illi centum those hundred sinuosus full of curves, billowing pulpitum staging, stage oleo smell sollemnis annual, festive, religious pendulus hanging, doubtful, in suspense crocos (gk) saffron perfume tremo tremble sacrum rite faenum hay novo renew curtus shortened, broken - reference to its tail qualia just as lustrum purificatory sacrifice asellus little ass macer lean, thin vilis of small value sagino fatten porcus pig compitum junction, cross-roads lustro purify, wander over calamus reed exta inner organs, entrails lito offer acceptable/pleasing sacrifice ad to the sound of saetosus full of coarse hair, bristly, made of goat hair verber lash, whip

licens free, unrestrained radio beam, shine, radiate infestus unsafe, hostile uro burn, scorch sudis stake galeritus wearing a helmet of wolf-skin praetorium general's tent magna pars rerum erat Tatio inter oves hinc from such kind of men suburbanus suburb quippe indeed, to be sure urbe parva abl abs 'when Rome was small' Bovillae [erant] minus suburbanae nulli of no account isse infinitive of eo non putet lupam esse altricem sanguinis quali ave with what good bird/augury spondeo promise, give assurance laeserat: laedo hurt, wound, injure, damage abiegnus made of fir-wood venter stomach animi heroism resurgens reborn cortina caldron, tripod Avernalis of Lake Avernus, by the shor of Avernus si modo dependent on felix reor, ratus think, suppose; ratus - fixed, settled, established, accomplished sero late sero rate fulfilled long after si - vera carmina (vatis Pergameae) - rata fuere ad (caput) could mean 'uttered to' or 'referring to' Danai Greeks male vincitis your victory is ruinous, you win in vain dispono set out, lay out, describe riui= rivi genitive quodcumque +
whatever, however much gen cingat may he gird quisquis whoever (cernet arces) aestimo esteem, value (aestimet = present subjunctive) faveo favour opus
= meum opus avis nominative candidus
-> favourable sudo sweat opertet it is necessary/becoming/proper

imprudens unaware, ignorant (+inf = of how to) filum thread colus distaff accesso invite, summon pigeo be reluctant, be regrettable signum sign of zodiac aeratus bronzen pila ball auctor source, authority di the gods di - sunt - testes mihi - non degenerasse propinquos propinquus neighbouring, relative degenero degenerate, deteriorate prius fide before truth fecere subject is indefinite 'they' pretium facere make into a source of profit Iuppiter fallitur Jupiter is tricked by gold auro obliquus slanting itero repeat, traverse repeatedly (iterata [a sole]) stella star in omne caput to all alike disputed passage "Jupiter's fortunate planet, rapacious Mars, and heavy Saturn a weight on every head: what Pisces determines, Leo's fierce sign, and Capricorn washed in the western sea." lotus washed nempe certainly, without doubt, of course bustum funeral pyre, tomb, grave protego cover, protect dum protegit - saucia ora - equi (gen.) caveo beware prolapso equo abl abs?
tueor guard signum standard rostrum beak, bill cruento make bloody avarus greedy fatalis ill-fated ista fides that prophecy of mine traho prolong, extend lenta pondera uteri subject of facerent impenetrabilis attainable, successful, favourable, effective, persuasive harenosum antrum (Libyci Iovis) - neque explicat - haec explico unfold, set forth fibra entrails 'or the liver that speaks of the gods entrusted to it'

cornix crow umbra shade, ghost prodit: prodeo come forward trames path ab zonis quinque from five zones
[ille] tinxit ferrum subject is Calchas diruo destroy, ruin pressus
-> weighed down Oiliadus son of Oileus diligo love veto forbid, prevent hactenus to this place, thus far, 'enough of X!' devehor go down, turn, I am bourne aequus with composure, calm, unruffled adesse attend to edo put forth, raise, bring forth ora my mouth roro scatter dew nebulosus misty lego gather pertica pole, long staff, measuring rod excolo tend, cultivate insanum Forum frantic forum/law-courts ut -cetera turba - scribat - tuo exemplo patiere: patior bear, suffer, endure (fut pass 2sing) utilis hostis a good antagonist, profitable adversary eludit palmas mocks your triumphs, eludes your grasp victricis...palmas... = tuas victorias tuas pararis (2s perf prepare, provide, arrange subj) uncus hook, barb ansa handle, hook, clamp mentum chin nil erit hoc this will be of no use rostrum hook, point excubiae watching, guard signo mark with a seal, seal, seal up, gruard rima crack, chink, fissure persuasus fallere resolved to deceive luctor struggle, strive diduco draw apart, split, sunder

4.2 signum paternus accipio

distinguishing feature, statue (pl for sing) of my ancestry learn

paenitet eburnus

cause repent ivory

hac concedo praecerpo tantum uva liveo racemus vario spiceus coma cerasus aestivus morum insitor pomosus pirus vaceo opportunus falx faenus iuro messor corbis pondere corbere imposito sobrius ad lites subeo furor plectrum venor casses aucupium plumosus harundino favor eius qui traicit...
leve pondus praedor petasus calamus institor mundus baculum sirpiculum

this way grant pick/pluck beforehand/first, I reap first this much ground grape be blue bunch, cluster change consisting of ears of corn
-> hairy cherry-tree of summer mulberry ingrafter, grafter abounding in fruit pear-tree be idle, unoccupied (subjunctive) fit, suitable pruning hook hay swear reaper basket with the weight of a basket placed on me sober, not drunk when attending law-suits, at law-suits go to the head (of wine) steal
-> lyre hunt, chase hunting net, snare bird-catching feathered pole favourable, patron of him who leaps across nimble body
make booty, plunder, spoil, rob travelling hat fishing rod hawker, peddler elegant stick, staff

probatus choice quid adiciam?
why should I add?
cucurbita gourd cucumis cucumber brassica cabbage iuncus rush hio open decenter properly, fitly, in a becoming way langueo droop ab eventu from the circumstance vicus
-> street contundo beat, crush caducus falling sator divum father of the gods vadimonium bail creta finishing line spatium distance, course, race-course, track acernus of maple wood dolo chip with an axe, hew falx blade ante Numam before the time of Numa caelator engraver, carver Osca tellus - terat - artifices manus tero
-> bruise, crush docilis adaptable "the work is one, but the honour given to the work is not one/many"

4.3 totiens oblitus derit = de-erit litura tractus moriens modo ortus per ortus iteratos ustus: uro decolor Eous haec marita fides?
parcus rudis do bracchia

so many times forgotten, neglected desum (deerit = future indicative active) - fail blotting
= the strike of the pen that forms the letters; outline fainting recently the East, eastercn lands on a second eastern campaign, through the muchtravelled East burn, scorch discoloured, drab-coloured, of different hue of dawn, Eastern is this the husband's loyalty?
frugal, sparing (parce - adv) as an innocent girl surrender

fax torch fax - praetulit - the torch gave an omen (?) omen nigra
= smoky everto overturn, ruin, destroy Stygio lacu - I was sprinkled with Stygian water sparsa sum anxius troubled mea anxia vota - pendent - omnibus portis votum votive offering lacerna cloak quartus the fourth vallus stake raucus hoarse, rough, grating tuba trumpet funis rope dignior - (abl of comparison) Ocno - qui torqueat funem lacertus upper arm plorandus gerundive with mihi nota mark pallium cover sido settle, sink vellus fleece, skin quot milia how many miles edisco learn thoroughly, learn by heart, commit to memory tabula board, painting positura order, arrangement puter rotten, decaying, crumbling, fragile assideo sit by pallidus pale periero swear falsely papilla breast, nipple galea helmet sarcina package, load, burden affricus
- Africus?
apertus acknowledged ut vivat so that it lives ostrum purple quo to what avail? To what purpose Poenus Carthaginian purpura purple garment purpura Poenis robes of Phoenician purple ostris surdus deaf omnia - [est] surda - [et] tacent vix una puella - aperit - clausos lares assueta odd: either 'the girl who usually did this before' or

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