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Customer Engagement Notes

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Customer Engagement/Twitter Customer Engagement Is/is important because:
? Mollen and Wilson: Engagement is the outcome of repeated actions that strengthen the psychological, emotional or physical investment a customer has in a brand. Creation of loyalty beyond reason.
? CE behaviours got beyond transactions, may be specifically defined as customer's behavioural manifestations that have a brand/firm focus, beyond purchase, resulting from motivational drivers. High levels of satisfaction ? increased customer loyalty, intention to purchase
? ? in the movement to a customer centric organization, management of customer relationships should be a top priority.
? Verhoef et al: Ignoring non-transactional behaviours may create lost opportunities: pursuing growth through WOM, joint development of new products/services through cocreation, and could have detrimental effects like ratings on websites. Customer engagement as a process (Bowden)
? Formation of a state of calculative commitment for new customers - largely cognitive base for purchase. Undeveloped knowledge structures.
? Increased levels of involvement and trust for repeat purchase customers. Development of a more elaborate knowledge structure associated with the brand, different psychological frame of reference when evaluating.
? Development of affective commitment towards the service brand - emotional/holistic/aggregate judgement of the brand independent of functional/instrumental attributes, eventuates in a state of enduring brand loyalty.
? Price: appeal on an affective level by providing unexpected extras that may assist in the creation of delight - accelerates movement through process. Facilitated by trust.
? Need a proactive approach to managing the customer base to progress customers, maintain loyalty through relationship management approaches such as personalized service expectations, rapport with service staff, recognition. Twitter - big audience, range of users and uses.
? 302m monthly active users, 15m in UK.
? Case and King: 2007-2012 annual spending on enterprise social software $280m - $1.06bn.
? Lots of types of users - Gov agencies, corporations, celebrities, over half of Fortune 50 firms - and a range of uses: o Army - recruitment o K-Mart, Sears - customer service

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