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Culture Hofstede: culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of another. Learned not inherited. In markets - affected prosperity and conditions
? Platteau - the market mechanism can only function effectively if it is embedded into an appropriate social structure and set of values - the market therefore must be based on and influenced by culture.
? Dickson - cultural history has a big impact on which countries are rich/poor today: o Christianity and property rights of merchants in the West allowed novelty and innovation to spread fast. o Islamic culture/China closed in on itself, shunned innovations.
? And markets across the world have come to emphasise different aspects over time (Smart): o Western market focused on economic efficiency through self interested individuals. o But in Japan/South Korea markets built around the need for individuals to identify with a group. o And in HK/Taiwan built on network relationships between business associates based on trust and obligations (alliances/cooperative subcontracts). o Social economies like these disregarded in the West as being utopian/unrealistic - howevs not only feasible but may be the reason E Asia caught up with the West. o Practical route to economic efficiency varies according to local conditions, need to understand social relations/cultural values to contruct efficient firms.
? Is 'the market' becoming global due to super innovations like the internet? Super innovations increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of transmission of new ideas and technology between cultures.
? Changes in attitutudes towards foreign products? Will we start learning a new global culture?
In consumption
?????Belk - our consumption choices define and express our lifestyles and social identities when we are faced with multiple social roles in large scale urban environments - all acts of purchase or consumption are decisions not only about how to act but who to be (Miller).
?????Aspects of themselves people want to express depends on culture:

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