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British History Iv Timeline Notes

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This is an extract of our British History Iv Timeline document, which we sell as part of our History of the British Isles IV: 1500-1700 Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Oxford students.

The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our History of the British Isles IV: 1500-1700 Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

1485 Battle of Bosworth 1486 Diaz reaches Cape of Good Hope 1491 War with France - Charles VIII 1492 Columbus discovers the New World 1497 John Cabot discovers Newfoundland 1498 Execution of Perkin Warbeck 1501 Marriage of Catherine and Arthur 1502 Death of Arthur 1504 (Jan-Apr) Parliament 1505 1509 1509 1509

Papal dispensation for marriage Henry comes to the throne Marriage of Catherine and Henry Wolsey appointed to the Privy Council

1510 (Jan-Feb) Parliament 1512 (Feb-Mar) Parliament 1512-14 War with France 1513 Battle of Flodden 1513 Capture of Tournai and Therouanne 1514 Anglo-French alliance 1515 1515 1515 1515 1516 1516 1517 1517 1517 1518 1518 1518 1518 1518 1518 1519

(Feb-Dec) Parliament Wolsey becomes a Cardinal Act of Resumption Wolsey becomes Lord Chancellor Birth of Mary Cromwell enters Wolsey's household (May) Serious riot in London Enclosure enquiry Luther's 95 Theses Wolsey becomes Papal Legate Creation of the Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber Treaty of London Suspicion of an aristocratic plot Wolsey fixes poultry prices in London Enclosure enquiry Most of the minions expelled from court

1520 Field of the Cloth of Gold 1520-25 Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber given key posts in the army 1520 Privy conciliar board created for Ireland 1522-25 War with France 1522 Treaty of Windsor with Charles V 1522 Unpopular census of personal wealth 1523 (Apr-Aug) Parliament 1524 Cromwell enters service of Wolsey

1525 1526 1526 1527 1527 1528 1529 1529 1529 1529

'Amicable Grant' Debasement of the coinage Eltham Ordinances Beginning of the divorce issue Bad harvest -> widespread discontent All minor cases ordered out of the Court of Star Chamber No agreement between Wolsey and Campeggio - case moved to Rome Fall of Wolsey (Nov-Apr 1536) Reformation Parliament Cromwell gains a seat in Parliament

1530 1530 1532 1532 1532 1532 1532 1533 1533 1533 1533 1533 1533 1534 1534 1534 1534 1534

Collectanea satis copiosa Cromwell appointed to the Privy Council Ecclesiastical Appeals Act Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury Act of Submission of the Clergy Act in Restraint of Annates Resignation of Sir Thomas More (Jan) Secret marriage of Anne and Henry (Apr) Previous marriage annulled (May) Anne crowned Queen (Sep) Birth of Elizabeth Act in Restraint of Appeals Cromwell becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer 1st Succession act Pope rules marriage to Catherine as valid Act of Supremacy Subsidy Act Kildare's revolt in Ireland

1535 Execution of John Fisher and Thomas More 1536 (Jun-Jul) Parliament 1536 2nd Succession Act 1536 Death of Catherine of Aragon 1536 Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 Execution of Anne Boleyn 1536 Marriage of Jane and Henry 1536-41 Dissolution of the Monasteries 1536 Establishment of the Court of Augmentations 1536 Factionalism -> Cromwell's ascendancy 1537 Birth of Edward 1537 Death of Jane Seymour 1539 (Apr-Jul 1540) Parliament 1539 Act of Six Articles 1539 Publication of the Great Bible in English 1539 Act of Proclamations 1539 Act of Precedence 1540 (Jan) Marriage of Anne and Henry 1540 (Jul) Annulment of marriage to Anne 1540 (Jul) Marriage of Catherine and Henry

1540 Cromwell becomes Lord Great Chancellor 1540 Execution of Cromwell 1541 Henry made King of Ireland 1542 (Jan-Mar 1544) Parliament 1542 Battle of Solway Moss 1542-46 War with France 1542 Execution of Catherine Howard 1542 Failure of the Jesuits in Ulster 1543 3rd Succession Act 1543 Debasement of the coinage 1543 Marriage of Catherine and Henry 1543 Scottish Act allowing Scripture in the vernacular 1544 Creation of the Anglo-Imperial Treaty 1545 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1547 1548 1548 1549 1549 1549 1549 1549 1549 1549 1549

(Nov-Jan 1547) Parliament Edward comes to the throne (Nov-Apr 1552) Parliament Act of Proclamations repealed Act of Six Articles (1538) repealed Royal Injunctions Chantries Act - dissolution of nearly 2,400 chantries Treason Act Vagrancy Act (Mar) Francis I signs a treaty with Somerset Somerset makes overtures to individual Scottish Lords Somerset discusses with Henry II the sale of Boulogne before 1544 (Sep) Battle of Pinkie Mary, Oueen of Scots, removed from Scotland to France Establishment of an enclosure commission Bad harvest 5% tax on personal property Sheep tax Western Rebellion Kett's Rebellion Rebellions lead Henry II to attack Boulogne Somerset ratifies the Anglo-Imperial Treaty of 1544 First Prayer Book and Act of Uniformity - clerical marriage

1550 1550 1550 1550 1551 1551 1551 1552 1552 1552 1552 1552 1553

Treaty of Boulogne Northumberland made Lord President of the Privy Council Bad harvest New Treason laws New monetary policy - value of coins brought down, reduced some food prices Temporary collapse of the Antwerp cloth market Marriage treaty at Angers - Edward and daughter of Henry II Second Prayer Book and Act of Uniformity 42 Articles submitted Survey of bishops and clergy 'Black Rubric' proclamation - specifies lack of real presence Execution of Somerset Northumberland begins attack on Church wealth

1553 1553 1553 1553 1554 1554 1554 1554

'Devise' to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne Mary comes to the throne Pole appointed papal legate (Mar) Parliament Amalgamation of revenue courts Wyatt Rebellion Execution of Lady Jane Grey Marriage of Mary and Philip

1555 Heresy Act - beginning of burnings 1555 Harvest failure 1556 Harvest failure 1556 Execution of Cranmer 1555 Weavers Act 1556-58 Plans for recoinage 1557 (Apr) Rising by Thomas Stafford 1557 War against France 1557 Loss of Calais 1558 Influenza epidemic 1558 Weavers Act 1558 Book of Rates 1558 Elizabeth comes to the throne 1558 Sir William Cecil appointed Secretary of State 1559 Money sent to Scottish rebels 1559 Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity 1559 Royal Injunctions 1559 Matthew Parker appointed Archbishop of Canterbury 1559 Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis - Henry II continues to uphold his daughter-in-law's claim to the English throne 1559 Death of Henry II - succession of Francis II and Mary Stuart 1559-66 Shane O'Neill's Rebellion 1560 Treaty of Berwick - protection and military intervention for Scottish Protestants 1560 Treaty of Edinburgh - all troops withdrawn, Elizabeth recognised as Queen of England and freedom of worship established 1560 Elizabeth proclaimed Supreme Governor of the Church of Ireland 1560 (Jan) Dublin Parliament passes the Religious Settlement 1560 Irish Parliament - just 3 weeks 1560 Army sent to Scotland 1560 Scots' Confession 1560-61 Recoinage - helped prestige but not inflation 1561 Mary Stuart returns to Scotland 1562 Military support for the French Huguenots 1562 Treaty of Hampton Court 1562 Elizabeth falls seriously ill with smallpox 1563 The 39 Articles 1563 Trade embargo enforced by Cardinal Granvelle - excuse of plague 1563 England becomes a base for Protestant privateers to attack French Catholic ships 1563 Statute of Artificers 1563 Act for Maintaining Tillage 1563 Act for the Maintenance of the Navy

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