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Elizabeth And Ireland Notes

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Elizabeth and Ireland

Key Events Issues Anglicization Rebellions Government

Key Events

1536-37 Religious legislation is enacted by the Irish Parliament > Supreme head, dissolved religious houses inside Pale yet outside ones are protected by Gaelic lords - hardly a dissolution 1541 - Henry was declared King of Ireland 1557 plantation under Mary and Philip 1570 - Excommunication 1571 - Sir John Perrot executed 800 rebels 1576 - failure of private plantation 1580 - Lord Bray chooses brutal repression in Munster and the Pale > massacre 1580s famine 1585 - 'Composition of Connaught' - yet not confirmed by Parliament 1592 - measure of conciliation in creation of 1st university in Dublin 1598 - Yellow Ford - biggest victory of the Irish The one achievement was Ireland's conquest in 1603

Elizabeth succeeded in England due to a desire for peace, established government and Parliamentary cooperation Politically inept spending in Ireland contributed to 17th century poverty and conflict with Parliament in England Difficult to achieve anything else apart from conquering Ireland - had to be done first

1607 - Flight of the Earls for the Spanish Netherlands > Colonisation in Ulster > by 1628 only about 2k English families in 6 planted counties 1628 - 'Grace and Bounty' - concessions to Old English on religious, constitutional and property issues in return for financial support of army and administration 1639 - Wentworth recalled - increased royal revenues but forced every powerful group into opposition#
1641 - Ulster Insurrection > overthrow of Strafford in Long Parliament 1642 - Confederation of Catholics By 1652 the conquest by Cromwell was complete 1685 - only 22% or Irish land owned by Catholic Irishmen

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