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• Defendants might seek to have proceedings 'stayed' upon a finding of abuse of process

• 2 forms of AoP outlined by Lord Dyson in Maxwell 11 1)D cannot receive a fair trial:
a) Pre-trial publicity e.g West 96 murderer argued AoP because press coverage painted her v badly (which might affect jury) Held no: the more heinous the crime, the less likely will be stayed for abuse of process b)Failures in disclosure - B v Feltham Magistrate's Court 01 - would have to establish on balance of probabilities that no longer possible to conduct a fair trial where there was a possible duty to disclose c) Inability find intermediary - Cox 12 - tried argue abuse of process because didn't stay proceedings where unable find intermediary but judge tried intervene more in questioning to help - held still fair trial d)Delay/unreasonably long trials

• West 96 would be perverse if get away with murder just by hiding body well for example, v idea that with delay more difficult to find people who remember etc

• AG Ref no.1 90 held stays for delay are exceptional - whether delay is reasonable is relevant

• Gadd 14 (Gary Glitter) - stay granted in 98 but in 2013, more Vs came forward prev ones made more detailed statements - no prejudice thus could still be prosecuted

• Art 6 compatible? 'everyone entitled to fair & pub hearing within a reasonable time…'

• Howarth v UK 01 said reasonableness of time includes considerations as to the complexity of case & D's conduct - UK's approach thus consistent

• AG Ref no.2 01 HL held 'reasonable time' starts when D made aware of proceedings being contemplated against you (i.e when interviewed - not in 70s
(for sex cases)
2)D can't be tried without risking integrity of justice system

• Stark has emphasised the need for moral integrity & legitimacy

• sentences/punishment only legitimate if RoL followed & mustn't condone immoral conduct in investigations for moral integrity a) State misconduct entrapment etc

• Identifiable group of 'non-confession' cases involving possibly improperly obtained evidence falls into the category of 'entrapment' or cases involving an agent provocateur

• Broadly speaking, the appropriate test for entrapment is whether or not police's law enforcement methods part of a bona fide investigation

• note entrapment is not a defence

• R v Horseferry Road JJ ex p Bennett no.1 94 D kidnapped & brought back to
UK from SA - Lord Griffiths said AoP is about upholding RoL & not letting state profit from wrongdoing - here AOP

• Mullen 2000 Zimbabwe illegal extradition - would be an 'affront to pub conscience' to have his trial

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