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This is an extract of our Interviewing Advising document, which we sell as part of our Skills Notes collection written by the top tier of Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law students.

The following is a more accessble plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Skills Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Interviewing & Advising Interview script

1. INTRODUCTION Hello I'm .... Thanks for coming in to see me today Mr/Mrs .. .
? Explain structure of interview (preliminary costs, etc.)?
What I'd like to do is start by explaining how this interview is going to run. In a moment, I will be taking your contact details and then I give you a chance to tell me the background to the problem why you are came to seeing me today. I'll then move on to trying to obtain the missing information by asking some more questions before advising you. I will conclude by explaining how the firm will charge you for any subsequent work we undertake for you. Before we both leave this interview today we will agree between ourselves what action each of us has to take following the interview. I would like to start by reassuring you that there will be no charge for this interview as the first interview is free.
? Obtain client's details (name, address, etc. ?
Would you then give me your details, starting with your name, address, your contact details and profession please?
Thank you.
? Allow client to explain problem, concerns, goals. ?
I see. So before we go into the full history of the problem, could just tell me very briefly to begin with why you came in to see me today.
? Confirm solicitor's understanding of problem, concern, goals. ?
I see. So you're .... and there was .... so you want to know whether ...
e.g.: So you went into a contract with a company called XX and because of their delaying to completing their part of the contract you experiences losses that you now want to recover?


Divide the page in half. Getting a good set of notes.
? Encourage client to relate history of problem and use appropriate questions to clarify. ?
Ok, so if you can now give me the full background details starting with the contract and the circumstances that gave rise to it right to the position you are today. So, your concerns are ...
? Avoid detailed questions at this stage. ?

3. QUESTIONING Ok thank you for that. I am just going to ask you a few questions now about what you told me to get the explicit information I need prior to going to advising you.
? Identify relevant topics and questions client appropriately, thoroughly and systematically. ???

Details of the contract Should the other party have foreseen the losses?
Steps taken by client to minimise their losses Amount of claim

First of all, you mentioned .... Is a written contract?
Do you happen to have that with you today?Contract: confirm details about the contract - date, value

You have told me that the completion date of the contract was .. And what was the contract price? Can you recall that?
And following the telephone conversation you had with ... on ... you were notified that the completion date is going to move. And that is when you started ...
? Price You mentioned that the system charged you an inflated price. What was the usual price?
? Identify missing facts, and what further facts are required. ?
I see. Thank you. Would you be able to elaborate more on ...

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